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Fit Metrix is a mobile performance testing lab to fit the needs of you and your clients. We offer Performance testing including VO2 Max, LT, and calories per hour or metabolic efficiency testing at your location for your athletes and clients. We also offer state of the art body composition testing using the BOD POD as well as resting metabolic rate assessments.

We partner with sports and nutrition coaches, crossfit instructors, fitness center owners, personal trainers, PTs, fire departments, and health-focused businesses - professionals like YOU who want to bring these important services directly to their athletes or clients to help them achieve their goals.

Using the BOD POD body composition tracking system you can help your clients see the true results of your training or weight management program. When clients see the impact your program has on their lean mass and fat mass, as well as their resting metabolic rate, you can better help them in making the changes they need to continue on a path to success - this demonstrates the success of your program!

Dan Bergeson is a certified USAT, USATF,and RRCA coach himself and has a strict non-compete when working with your athletes. He represents himself as the owner and operator of Fit Metrix and with your athletes permission, will provide all of the testing results directly to you for use with your clients. Dan can review this policy with you, he has a great reputation and believes in helping you and your athletes succeed by helping you work better together using data from these important tests.

Please contact us to discuss how we can bring FIT METRIX to your athletes and clients!


USE THE BOD POD Body Composition Tracking System

Bringing the industry standard for Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Rate Testing to YOUR BUSINESS!

Whether you are a healthcare professional, dietitian, fitness professional, or just curious as to what the Bod Bod and Mobile Fitness Testing can do for your patients and clients, contact us now to learn more. Our mobile testing platform can bring this technology to you and thus ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS. There is nothing to buy, nothing to stock, and you can set yourself apart from the competition!

Using mobile technology can add value to YOUR business! How? Great question! There is a demand in the fitness industry for use of current technology, this technology is only available at select centers for patient use, or premier sports facilities like the NFL Combine. Providing access to this technology AT YOUR CENTER allows your clients to accurately measure their progress and demonstrate that your training program and/or nutrition program is giving them the results they desire. This technology also helps you perfect your training and nutrition programs to be CLIENT SPECIFIC! The definition of SUCCESS!!

Groups That Use The BOD POD

  • Coaches - sport specific training
  • Corporate Wellness
  • CrossFit Gyms
  • Health Clubs
  • Nutrition Centers
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • Professional & College Sports Teams
  • Fire and Police Departments
  • Business Wellness Programs

Areas Of Use

  • Fitness
  • Athletes
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Health & Wellness

Example Flyer for your testing event!

BOD POD used at the NFL Combine

VO2Max with the Fit Mate Pro & BOD POD Tests used by the US Military


 BOD POD Chicago

LT Thershold Chicago

Heart rate training Heart rate zones

Orange theory chicago

heart rate zone test chicago

Chicago marathon


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VO2Max Testing


Why use Fit Metrix for your athletes testing needs?

We partner with local Coaches & Trainers to ensure you are receiving the data you need to help your athletes improve their performance. Dan is highly trained in use of the State of the Art equipment used in the lab. He is an athlete himself and is an expert in setting up the right protocols for your athletes individual tests.

The Fit Metrix Lab can come directly to you! You can schedule your athletes for a testing day so that you can be onsite to review their results, even watch the tests (with their permission) -- or, we can schedule individual sessions with your athletes at our Oldsmar location or other partner locations. The flexibility of a mobile lab is a huge benefit to meeting the needs of busy athletes.

Finally, we work with our Coach/Trainer partners on the tests and fees that meet the needs of you and your athletes. We have several options to ensure you have the individualized program that offers maximum benefit.


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