1. Body Composition Analysis  with the BOD POD

Bod Pod is the Gold Standard for measuring percent Body Fat. Body composition analysis measures the amount of fat versus lean muscle tissue as a percentage of an athlete's total weight. Monitor an individuals progress during a weight loss or fitness training program. The most accurate way to demonstrate measured results and monitor clients.

2. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

How many calories are you actually burning in a day? This information is extremely useful when developing a diet and nutrition plan, understanding how many calories you can take in and still be able to lose weight is critical to success. This is also important for athletes to ensure they are getting proper nutrition to fuel their calorie burn and increase muscle mass while having adequate energy. Through testing clients we have uncovered many people who report being "stuck" in their weight loss journey, upon receiving a RMR test they learn that they are not eating enough calories. They increase their calroie intake (of the right foods of -course) and see a significant shift in their weight loss success.

3. VO2 Max Test

VO2Max is the peak oxygen usage of an athlete at maximum exercise and efficiency of muscle. From the test we calculate Max HR, VO2Max and estimated lactate threshold. This information is critical in developing athlete-specific training programs to improve performance and reach your goals!

This metabolic test is an excellent indicator of aerobic fitness. Athletes with higher VO2 max values can tolerate higher exercise intensity and volume than those whose VO2 max values indicate lower levels of conditioning. Athletes with higher VO2 can also recover from an aerobic work more efficiently. Training with VO2 max can be increased by workout intensities at specific sub-max VO2 percentages.

4. Lactate Threshold Test

This test evaluates the Lactate Balance point of an athlete. Along with the VO2 Max test we can monitor an athletes training progression over time and specifically look at how the individual athlete is responding to the training program. This information is critical in developing athlete-specific training programs to ensure success!

5. Calories Per Hour - Metabolic Efficency

Imagine knowing how many calories you are burning at each level of exercise, running 10min/mile vs 6 min/mile; cycling at 100 watts or 300 watts. This information is critical in providing accruate caloric needs for endurance athletes as well as for efficient weight loss.

For the endurance athlete -- The calories per hour expended while running or cycling is essential in planning your training and racing nutrition needs based on specific pace/HR or Watts/HR, no longer do you need to "guess" or take a gel every 20 min. Metabolic efficiency training is the only way to train for endurance events!

6. Video Analysis - with Motion View

We capture slow motion video of your formfor analysis while running or biking, we then use multiple screens to help you make changes and adjustments 'on the spot' while on treadmill or bike. This is not a fitting, we look at your form and help you make adjustments accordingly.




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