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Fit Metrix Lab, Inc. is a mobile Human Performance testing lab.  We offer wellness and performance testing for your employees in the Greater Chicago area.  Used in combination with your employee benefit program, these screenings provide a value added benefit to your employees with the goal of improving their health states and thus, reducing overall healthcare costs.  We provide VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold, calories per hour or metabolic efficiency testing; and state of the art body composition (fat and lean percent) testing using the BOD POD as well as resting metabolic rate testing services to fit the needs of you and your employees – all in a fully contained mobile unit that can be brought directly to your location!

By partnering with local businesses that focus on employee health and wellness, we bring our mobile testing platform and technology to your location to add value to your employee wellness program.  Many companies offer screenings for diabetes and cholesterol, both important measures in evaluating an employee’s overall health.  However many employees don’t know what to do with this information.  By adding body composition and metabolic rate testing, employees can see their true fat and lean mass, and know the number of calories they burn at rest – adding this data into their screenings provides real values that they can use to implement a diet or exercise plan.  There is a demand in the health and fitness industry for use of current testing technology generally only available at very select centers for patient use or premier sports facilities like the NFL Combine and the US Military.  In conjunction with your employee benefit program or wellness activities, providing access to this technology allows your employees to accurately measure their active and resting health states and measure their progress.

For example, using the BOD POD body composition tracking system, employees can establish a baseline fat and lean mass result.  Follow-up assessments can help employees track their progress and see the true results of an exercise or weight management program on their lean mass and fat mass, that they are truly losing fat and gaining muscle!  By using this data at baseline, you can better help them make the changes they need to start or continue on a path to success!  No matter if you want to provide a one-time measurement or a quarterly tracking program, there is evidence that simply ‘knowing your numbers’ motivates people to improve their health.

Additionally, for fitness-minded Companies, human performance tests like VO2Max can help your sponsored employees or teams improve their racing performance.  Do you offer free entry into local triathlons or running events?  If so, adding this test is a great incentive to get out there and go!

All tests are conducted in private, in the Fit Metrix Lab by owner Dan Bergeson, a USAT and RRCA Certified Coach.  Dan is also a certified Metabolic Testing Professional.  Fit Metrix only uses State of the Art technology including the BOD POD and the Fit Mate Pro, both by CosMed, the industry leader in testing equipment.

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Fit Metrix Lab outside of American Running Company at Say No to Drugs 5k & 10k packet pick-up and testing event!

Fit Metrix Lab at Hooters to Hooters 10k & 5k Race in Clearwater, FL. Dan Bergeson, Owner, Masters 5k Winner & Laurie Wisotsky, Ahtlete, 5k Overall Winner

Example Flyer from a Testing Event at St Pete Running Company

Fit Metrix Grand Opening Celebration #1 - Friends & Family

Fit Metrix Lab at Sea Dog 5k in Clearwater, Florida. Several age-group winners and Fit Metrix tested athletes pictured

Fit Metrix Lab outside American Running Company testing event

USE THE BOD POD Body Composition Tracking System

Bringing the industry standard for Body Composition Analysis and Metabolic Rate Testing to YOUR BUSINESS!

Whether you are a healthcare professional, dietitian, fitness professional, or just curious as to what the Bod Bod and Mobile Fitness Testing can do for your patients and clients, contact us now to learn more. Our mobile testing platform can bring this technology to you and thus ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS. There is nothing to buy, nothing to stock, and you can set yourself apart from the competition!

Using mobile technology can add value to YOUR business! How? Great question! There is a demand in the fitness industry for use of current technology, this technology is only available at select centers for patient use, or premier sports facilities like the NFL Combine. Providing access to this technology AT YOUR CENTER allows your clients to accurately measure their progress and demonstrate that your training program and/or nutrition program is giving them the results they desire. This technology also helps you perfect your training and nutrition programs to be CLIENT SPECIFIC! The definition of SUCCESS!!

Groups That Use The BOD POD

  • Coaches - sport specific training
  • Corporate Wellness
  • CrossFit Gyms
  • Health Clubs
  • Nutrition Centers
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • Professional & College Sports Teams
  • Fire and Police Departments
  • Business Wellness Programs

Areas Of Use

  • Fitness
  • Athletes
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Health & Wellness



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